Sunday, 17 June 2012

Grilled Tomato-Feta Sandwich

Slice a thick slice of bloomer or any other white bread of yer choice
Coarse grind pepper
Tomato paste. Not pasta. The sun-dried thingy.
--> Grill

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Maple Bacon Chicken With Bacon-Mushroom Sauce and Asparagus and Other Stuff Too

Kay, so I got some asparagus. I am not sure how to cook it, but nvm - a new recipe immediately came to mind. 
So get this: some asparagus, some baby potatoes and other whatevers that's garnish.
Chicken breast. Omg it's all coming together. Yes half them breasts if you think they're too thick, season with rosemary and olive oil, wrap in smoked streaky bacon and splash it with a little of proper maple syrup. Oven it. Oven bag it if you think it's going to get too dry.
And now, the sauce:
Some cherry tomatoes on the side. And parsley.

Le master chef.
Hi again. Don't oven bag it, or any other kind of bag it for that matter.

How to asparagus:

Arrange me a camera if you want pictures of what I make.