Monday, 10 June 2013

Breakfast Burger

White roll
Fried egg
Fried slice of red onion
White roll

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Bagel Bacon Venison Burgers

I've come up with several variations of a burger and have already forgotten them. One of them even had goat's cheese in it. "That goat's cheese burger was amazing" one eater just commented. Yes it was.
Another note is a good point raised by a male tv chef: anecdotal evidence claims how men are better cooks, yes, but women make meals happen at a fraction of the cost.
What I'm getting at is that my burger is not a budget burger. I'd call it a gourmet burger.

I got the patties from Sainsburitto's. Venison burgers. The most delicious prepared burgers I've tried.

Anyways, it goes like this from the bottom:
1/2 Bagel
A slice of fried bacon
A venison burger
A slice of pre-cut medium cheddar (two don't make it better)
A slice of red onion fried on tomato paste
Several slices of tomato
Salad leaves
Dill pickles
American Mustard
That other part of a bagel

Evidently, it goes well with champagne.
Two is too much.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Potato Bake

Cut up the potatoes into nice little pieces, set on boil, a bit after it starts boiling take off and add potato spices and a little oil, mix, into glass or ceramic tray, cook until a knife goes through, meanwhile cut up the mushrooms, cook in a skillet with the sauce: a dash of mirin, a splash of soy sauce, half a spoon of miso - until the larger half the water is extracted, top the potatoes with the mushrooms excluding the liquid, top the mushrooms with sour cream and grated cheese, cook for a bit then grill.

Optional Jesus, this is very tasty, trust the past you.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

I happen to have a very simple yet a delicious breakfast recipe.
Naturally, I'm talking to myself.
Slice the onion whichever way you want to, cook in oil it while mixing until it's actually cooked, take off the heat, sprinkle with quite a bit of Kikkoman soy sauce, crack the eggs (whichever form), sprinkle Seven Spice (or Old Spice), cook, flip, cook, serve.

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Yummm Salad

Just made another kick-ass salad.

Fresh salad leaves
Spring onion
Lemon juice
Pepper (lots)
Olive oil

They all sound the same but taste different.

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Grilled Tomato-Feta Sandwich

Slice a thick slice of bloomer or any other white bread of yer choice
Coarse grind pepper
Tomato paste. Not pasta. The sun-dried thingy.
--> Grill

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Maple Bacon Chicken With Bacon-Mushroom Sauce and Asparagus and Other Stuff Too

Kay, so I got some asparagus. I am not sure how to cook it, but nvm - a new recipe immediately came to mind. 
So get this: some asparagus, some baby potatoes and other whatevers that's garnish.
Chicken breast. Omg it's all coming together. Yes half them breasts if you think they're too thick, season with rosemary and olive oil, wrap in smoked streaky bacon and splash it with a little of proper maple syrup. Oven it. Oven bag it if you think it's going to get too dry.
And now, the sauce:
Some cherry tomatoes on the side. And parsley.

Le master chef.
Hi again. Don't oven bag it, or any other kind of bag it for that matter.

How to asparagus:

Arrange me a camera if you want pictures of what I make.