Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Best Soup I've Ever Made.

Chicken breast 400g
Vegetable stock 2 (not sure if necessary)
Red pepper 0,5 - 1
Sweet potato 1 large
Carrot 1 massive or an equivalent
Celery sticks 3
Spinach more than you were planning
Onion 1
Leek they kind of turn into nothing anyway
Optional: Chilli or something that would make it taste sour.

Get your largest pot, and, obviously, start with the chicken. Dice it and into the pot of boiling water it goes. My dad's aunt goes a far as to boiling the chicken for a short period of time and then tossing away the 'bad water', but I just wash 'the death's juice' away under a tap of warm water before cutting it. Then the sweet potato, carrots have to be grated and fried on some oil, maybe even with the onion, but I just cut the onion in a half and in the pot it goes. Celery, pepper, spinach and leek. It cooks pretty fast, except for celery, I think. Uh. Yeah, so don't over-boil it. Better switch the heat off before tossing in spinach and leek. Then let it stay, ideally, for 40 minutes. God, don't you know how to boil a soup?

I really like it served with a spoonful of sour-cream or creme fraiche. I think soy sauce also works with it. What doesn't it work with?

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Crepe rolls

Crepes filled with: ...

Some oil, a can of chopped tomatoes with herbs, plenty of spinach, 5-6 eggs and soy sauce. This has to go in a fry-pan and be stirred occasionally. Wen it's almost cooked, extract the excess water and make wraps with the product and some grated cheese (optional - wasabi). Fry the wraps on some butter until golden or crispy and serve, possibly with soured cream/creme fraiche or Japanese mayo 'Kewpie'.