Sunday, 27 March 2011

Creamy Yet Spicy Chicken Pasta

Dice whichever part of chicken you like, make it small pieces. At least 300g. Marinade it for some time with tasty soy sauce (not dark!) e.g. kikkoman, enough of it so you wouldn't need to use salt, and ground coriander (or garam masala spice blend). Click here for recipe for chicken. In the meantime start boiling 400-500g of pasta, e.g. 'spirali' in salted water. Fully cook the chicken in a large pan (I used wok pan so that everything would fit), reduce the heat and add the boiled pasta, add around 200g cheese spread e.g. dairylea and mix thoroughly. Add 2x400g chopped tomatoes with basil chili and oregano (get it from sainsbury's or make your own) and mix it well again. Once in a plate, sprinkle some black peper, some grated parmigiano if you feel like it and squeeze a quarter of a lime over it.

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