Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Teriyaki salmon with Mediterranean style vegetables.

Here's a piece of advice: In a good meal, as much as in a person, appearance is very important. Garnish your meal to look appetizing and don't smear the plate with food before it's even served.

There's a very tasty recipe I've found for cooking delicious salmon East Asian style. The fanciest ingredients you will need are Teriyaki sauce (a.k.a. marinade) and Sweet Chilli Sauce. I happened to readily have both :) There is no need to copy-paste the recipe, so please follow this link.

Instead of the recommended stir-fry vegatables, though, I stir-fried some Mediterranean style vegetables I bought frozen mix and just added soy sauce, but in case you can't get your hands on one, there are plenty of recipes for how to cook it from fresh vegetables, for example this link or that link :)

I happened to have been made some delicious mashed potatoes to have with the meal, but the whole idea is to serve the salmon with vegetables only.
It's also healthier not to mix carbohydrates with protein That's because your stomach produces only one type of acid at a time, and that type of acid can either break down carbohydrates or protein foods at that time. One of them has then to wait until the other one is finished with. And that's why you feel full for longer. It basically rots in there. Sorry for the unappetizing ending, but you have to know.

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